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The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is an accredited training course that is designed to help good health and safety practices amongst construction site supervisors or anyone training to be a site supervisor.

As the construction industry has a long history of accidents and fatalities on-site, all construction workers and site supervisors must have good health and safety practices to ensure the well-being of everyone on-site. This includes construction workers, temporary workers, supervisory staff and site visitors.

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The SSSTS training course

The SSSTS training course is designed especially for construction site supervisors to equip them with the correct knowledge to be able to supervise construction staff safely and run a safety-conscious construction site.

Site supervisors need to have a proper understanding of current health and safety laws and how to apply them in the workplace. This will help them to follow best practice approaches when performing tasks and to understand their legal responsibilities while on site.

The SSSTS course will also enable supervisors to conduct regular risk assessments and implement the necessary measures to ensure safe working practices on-site to protect all workers and reduce the risk of accidents.

An SSSTS training course is more in-depth than a basic construction safety training course. It contains a mixture of written and practical work and ongoing assessments from the course instructors.

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How the SSSTS course helps supervisors

The SSSTS course is ideal for already experienced construction workers wishing to take their training further and wanting to take on more responsibility at work.

It is designed for site supervisors, site foremen, gangers, site managers and construction team leaders – pretty much anyone responsible for the safety of other site workers or holding some responsibility for planning, organising, administrating, controlling or monitoring any aspect of site safety.

The course helps candidates to:

  • Understand their specific responsibilities
  • Explaining what is expected from them as a supervisor
  • Enable them to carry out risk assessments
  • Enable them to carry out site inductions
  • Understand the problems that the industry faces

SSSTS qualifications are considered to be the industry standard and are required by people wanting to work on a construction site in a supervisory position or a role with responsibilities for the health and safety of workers or the site.

After passing the SSSTS course, the certificate is valid for five years. The certificate holder will need to renew their certificate before it expires by taking a refresher course. SSSTS refresher course will update candidates with any recent changes in health and safety legislation and changes in health and safety best practices.

Construction employers should check the validity and current status of a candidates SSSTS qualification to make sure that they are hiring the right people for the job in hand.

SSSTS Checker

You can check the status of your SSSTS certificate using the online card checker. You can use the service to check the status of all your cards and construction training courses. Any of the following combinations are acceptable:

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When using the card check facility, please note that it will not recognise temporary NI numbers or anyone under the age of 18.