CSCS stands for: Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry.

Benefits of valid CSCS card

Those holding a valid CSCS card can prove they have all the necessary training and qualifications to work on construction sites and carry out the work required of them. The Scheme is responsible for the upkeep of a current database that lists all qualified persons working in the construction industry who have achieved a recognised construction related qualification, or is in training to achieving one.

Major house building firms and principal contractors require their construction workers to carry a valid CSCS card. The CSCS is a not-for-profit company with directors made up from major employer organisations and industry related union representatives. The scheme is delivered under contract by CITB.

Why you should attend CSCS course?

The CSCS HSA course is designed to help construction labourers to understand the potential safety hazards they face while working in the construction sector or civil engineering industry. Passing the HSA course is a mandatory element to obtaining your CSCS card. The course is designed for those already working in, or are preparing to start work in the construction industry or in civil engineering.

What you get after CSCS course?

Once a candidate has passed the one day H&S Awareness course they will be awarded with a recognised CITB HSA certificate. The candidate can then progress onto the second part of obtaining their CSCS card by completing the CITB HS&E test for Operatives. This consists of an online multiple choice computer based test. A candidate will need to pass both elements to gain a 5 year Green Card.

The Aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to ensure that candidates obtain a good level of knowledge across a broad range of key health and safety points that are relevant to their work in the construction industry. It is to help raise awareness of the importance of keeping themselves and others safe in the working environment and to improve upon the safety and productivity of the site. The course also ensures that all candidates understand what it is they need to do in any situation.

Who is the course for?

The course is for everyone working in the construction industry or civil engineering industry. This is the official certification scheme that applies to all supervisors and site managers, site operatives and plant operatives. No matter what professional position you or your employees hold, the CSCS Card is essential for working in this industry, so book your certified test today.

CSCS tests

For those with an appropriate skill set and a strong drive to work within the construction industry, there is a need to take and pass the CSCS test. The core skills you need to be able to have a successful construction career are many, but none more so than having the ability to envision something before it is actually there. After all, construction is all about building something completely from scratch.

Some construction careers, such as architects for example, are the people responsible for creating the plans that will define a structure. They must be able to see a building before they can put down the plans on paper. However, the CSCS card they may qualify for will be different to the CSCS card obtained by people in other construction careers, such as plumbers or electricians.

Plumbers, electricians and carpenters may only need know how to interpret building plans in relation to where their skills come in, such as power cable installation and plumbing infrastructure placements. This is why there are different types of CSCS cards that you can train for.

Working at dangerous heights

Construction workers must also be prepared to work at heights, sometimes this means working at dangerous heights. Bricklayers, roofing technicians, plasterers, tilers and painters are all construction careers that usually experience working at dangerous heights as a normal part of their job. It is essential therefore that anyone choosing to work in these careers pass receive appropriate health and safety training and pass their CSCS working at heights test. People with a fear of heights would be advised to take this in to consideration when choosing the right construction career path to suit them.

As with all career paths, consideration must be given to all aspects of working in construction, including all the on-site and environmental dangers. The ability to pass a CSCS test and gain a card to enable you to work in your chosen field is essential if you want to pursue a career in the construction industry.