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Construction Industry Training Guide

If you are working in construction industry or you are planing to start working in this industry you would need to become familiar with all health and safety standards. There are plenty of different guidance and books available which will increase your knowledge and provide a base for necessary qualification. Check out the categories below or browse through our menu to find areas in construction industry you wish to evaluate and improve.

Importance of Health & Safety at Construction Site

It is a legal requirement to have the correct health and safety procedures in place on a construction site, and that includes ensuring all workers have the appropriate health and safety training for their job.

Professional Health & Safety training is very important for construction workers because they often have to work at heights on scaffolding, oversee heavy loads of building materials that can be dangerous if not handled correctly, and operate machinery that can cause serious injury or even death without the proper training.

To reduce injury risks and safety hazards to all construction employees, they must have the appropriate level and type of health and safety training. Even those that have already spent years working in the construction industry need to take refresher courses to update their knowledge of current health and safety legislation and practices.

By law, you need to keep your health and safety training up to date if you want to remain working in the construction industry. You can do this by taking the appropriate refresher training course from Construction Industry Training.

The most common health and safety hazards on a construction site include:

  • Working at heights: There is a risk of workers falling from scaffolding or ladders. Construction workers need to know how to work safely at heights through appropriate training.
  • Moving machinery: The tools and machinery used on a construction site can be moved around, so construction workers must look out for hazards before operating machines such as cranes and loaders etc.
  • Tripping hazards: With so much building material stacked around and so much activity on site, it is easy for construction workers to trip or fall over obstacles, tools and materials that are not stored away safely or block routes around the site.

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