Must have books for construction industry training!


Construction Health & Safety Awareness 2020

This is a must have book if you want to pass CSCS or H&S tests. Great source of knowledge and unique approach to construction industry. Highly recommended by others.


Construction Skills Health & Safety Test: All the Questions & Answers

If you want to pass CSCS H&S tests this book is for you! You will find 3 sections in this book: Core Test questions, specialist test questions and HVACR questions. Be on the safe side and study this book before taking a test. Highly recommended.


Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists

This book is easy to read and logical layout. Prepare yourself before taking a test. Without learning you will most likely fail.

Why you should take SSSTS course?

Are you a newly appointed construction site supervisor? If so, you may need to take the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme course.

Each year it is reported that thousands of construction workers suffer some degree of injury on site in the UK. Whether serious or not, every injury received on site could be avoided by supervisory construction staff being properly trained in health and safety. This way they can take every possible step available to ensure the safety of construction workers on site, and be able to implement steps to help minimise the risks to themselves and their staff.

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Who should attend SSSTS course?

  • A first time supervisor on site
  • Looking for a promotion into a supervisory role
  • Need to be refreshed with your SSSTS training
  • Taking a temporary supervisory role on a construction site
  • Training to become a site supervisor

If you are not yet working as a supervisor, but hope to in the near future, you can get ahead of the game by taking an SSSTS course so that you are properly aware of the current laws surrounding health and safety regulations. You will also get training to help you understand the steps you need to follow to reduce the dangers to your staff and to any members of the public visiting or passing close by the construction site.

The course is good to take to make sure you are completely aware of your responsibilities as a supervisor so that you are not oblivious to them when taking on any supervisory role, even a temporary one to cover an absence.

Benefits of SSSTS course?

At the end of your SSSTS course, you will be able to:

  • Carry out risk assessments and understand the need for method statements
  • Carry out site inspections, toolbox talks and method statement briefings
  • Have an understanding of how health and safety law is structured
  • Identify how your supervisory role fits in with the manager in controlling the site safely
  • Understand the problems of the industry
  • Understand what is meant by proactive and reactive monitoring

How long does it take to finish SSSTS course?

As a construction site owner and employer, you may be concerned about the down-time needed for your employee’s to take up any training. However, this course only takes two days to complete and will equip your staff with valuable knowledge that can help to avoid or prevent serious accidents and injuries on site that could result in even more down time and staff time loss that would negatively affect site productivity.

The construction industry is very fast moving, so those employee’s who have already undertaken previous SSSTS training could benefit from taking on a refresher course. This will make a very positive impact for those currently seeking work within the construction industry as you will already be up to date with your qualifications when applying for a new position.

Or, if you are an employee you can show initiative by undertaking this level of training which will make a positive impact on your CV and make a difference in a job interview. In this current job climate, having the advantage of this qualification is even more imperative when applying for a position.