SMSTS Certificate Checker

The SMSTS training course is specifically designed for project managers, site managers and supervisors, construction business owners and construction clients.

The training course helps participants to gain an understanding of current health, safety, welfare and environmental issues while working on active construction sites.

The SMSTS certificate remains valid for five years, and the certificate holder will need to renew their qualification by taking the SMSTS Refresher course before their certificate expires. If their certificate expires before it can be renewed, the individual will need to re-take the whole SMSTS course over again.

This is why checking the validity and status of an individuals SMSTS certificate using the online SMSTS checker service can be an invaluable tool to ensure your construction employees hold up to date, valid qualifications and have a solid understanding of all current health and safety rules and regulations.

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Checking SMSTS certificates

To check the validity of a cardholder, you can access the online-card-checker and enter at least two items of information about the individual you want to check. Any of the following combinations are acceptable:

  • Surname & Individual ID/Registration Number
  • Surname & National Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth & Individual ID/Registration Number
  • Date of Birth & National Insurance Number

When using the card check facility, please note that it will not recognise temporary NI numbers or anyone under the age of 18.

The importance of holding an SMSTS certificate

The SMSTS training course is unlike the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) training course in that candidates are not issued with a card on completion of their training. The SMSTS training course issues a certificate of training on qualification rather than a card, and this certificate can be added to your CSCS card to show employers your additional qualifications when applying for a construction job.

The CSCS card is universally recognised as a way for construction workers to prove their level of proficiency and training to construction employers. The card scheme was introduced to help reduce on-site accident rates because of the high level of workplace accidents and fatalities that have historically happened on construction sites.

Since it’s the introduction, the CSCS training scheme has helped to lower the number of accidents in the construction industry because every employee has been trained to a high standard of on-site health and safety awareness. Employers now use the card scheme as a way to attract the right candidates when recruiting new construction staff.

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The SMSTS certificate

Holding a CSCS card and the SMSTS certificate means you have the appropriate knowledge to work in a supervisory position on a building site and that you know how not to put yourself or your team of construction workers at risk.

The level of training card and certificates you possess will ensure that you are not placed in positions that are outside of your professional training and experience level.

All CSCS cards and SMSTS training certificates have an expiry date and will need renewing before the card or certificate expires for them to remain valid. The status of your SMSTS certificate can be checked online to make sure that it is still valid.

The SMSTS certificate is valid for 5 years and you will need to complete a refresher course for your certificate to remain valid. The course includes everything you need to top-up your knowledge so you can continue to work in your chosen role without interruption.

You can check the status of your SMSTS certificate using the online card checker. You can use the service to check the status of all your cards and construction training courses.