Health and safety in the workplace is an essential element of any business sector, but it is none so important as in the construction industry.

With so many risks to life and limb being present on a building site, both employers and employees and any site visitors must be protected from harm by wearing appropriate safety equipment.

The most common pieces of safety equipment used on a construction site include hard hats, protective gloves, high-visibility jackets, safety boots, ear protectors, face masks, eye protectors and respirators for excessively dusty environments.

The importance of protective equipment

It is important to understand that all protective and safety equipment used on a building site is purposefully worn to protect the wearer from prospective hazards and risks associated with their workplace.

However, the equipment used must conform to current safety standards. For example, construction workers and site visitors cannot simply wear any old hats on site. The use of purpose-made safety helmets helps to eliminate as much as possible the risk of injury from falling overhead debris, tools or building materials.

Protective clothing worn on-site also help to protect workers hands, feet and body from flying or falling objects and corrosive chemicals that may be present.

Construction workers can also find themselves working in restrictive areas or in tight spots where they need to work at uncomfortable angles. This can place a strain on their body or present them with ergonomic hazards that need to be mitigated with safety equipment to enable them to work more safely.

Uvex Pheos S-KR Safety Helmet

This is a safety helmet that has been designed for a comfortable fit. It has an ergonomic design with ear slots on each side to accommodate earmuffs or the uvex photos visor system. and a slot on the front for attaching helmet lights.

This lightweight safety helmet offers hours of comfortable wear with climazone ventilation and the wheel ratchet for stepless width adjustment. It has a short brim on the front of the helmet that gives you a good field of vision. It is built to withstand very low temperatures (-30 °C) and molten metal (MM) splash. It meets standard EN 397.


LARNMERN Safety Work Boots Men Women Steel Toe Cap High Shoes

These safety work boots are designed to be comfortable for all-day wear while protecting your feet with in-built steel toe caps. Safety work boots offer the wearer protection from on-site hazards from falling debris and sharp objects.

The LARNMERN safety work boots meet with EN ISO 20345:2011 protection standards. These lace-up work boots are built for comfort and flexibility; these lace-up work boots do not restrict natural foot movement and are made from breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool. The sole is made from rubber, and the heel height is 5 centimetres.

HONG 3 Pack Safety Glasses, Anti Fog and UV Protection Protective Clear Goggles

Easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. These safety goggles and made from strong ABS plastic with a UV400 protection lens. They can be worn with a hard hat and have a soft sponge lining that provides comfort and a good level of airtightness.

They have an elastic band strap that can be adjusted to fit all head shapes and sizes.

These safety goggles have the advantage of anti-fog coating technology, meaning that no matter how hot you get, you will have a clear vision for your safety. This makes them ideal for outdoor work on a building site where eye protection is needed during the summer.

SAFEYEAR Water Resistant Safety Work Boots

Comfortable work boots that are laceless and easy to slip on and off. They are made from water-resistant leather, which makes them useful for working in damp weather conditions when you want to keep your feet dry.

Although they are tough safety work boots that are CE Certified, they are comfortable to wear all day because of the 20 Joules energy shock absorption memory foam insoles. These boots are ideal for construction workers who are on their feet all day and are looking for solid and sturdy work boots that offer a good comfort level.

UltraLight Safety Work Gloves

Flexible and versatile work safety gloves that fit both men and women. Made from breathable mesh and spandex with soft fitting cuffs and dust stops, these are ideal gloves to wear for many hours without making your hands sweat or feel uncomfortable.

The glove palms have Synthetic Microfiber Foam Padding to make handling hard or sharp objects and building material easier while protecting your hands from cuts and scrapes. The surface of the gloves is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable yet secure grip when using hand or power tools or when picking up and moving heavy materials.

JKSafety 9 Pockets Class 2 High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest

This unisex high-visibility neon yellow safety jacket is made from 100% Polyester with two-inch-wide reflective strip material to help you be seen in low light conditions. The jacket is lightweight, breathable and machine washable to make keeping it clean easy.

The safety vest comes with nine versatile, multi-function pockets that are handy for holding keys, phones, pens, small tools, torches, etc. The pockets have zipper velcro clamshell closures for security and easy access while wearing.

An ideal safety vest to wear over clothing on construction sites is perfect for traffic marshals that must be highly visible on-site.