Sleep Safely with a Wireless Burglar Alarm

There are a lot of people these days that are becoming increasing worried about the steep rise in crime due to government cutbacks to the police service, as well as more people struggling to make ends meet on stagnant wages and zero hours contracts that may be tempted to turn to crime.

Homeowners are now realising that they can sleep more peacefully when they take some simple steps to secure their homes and make it more burglar-proof, and provide more visual deterrents to put off would-be thieves from attempting a break-in.

Keeping your home secure 24/7

Sleeping safely at night is not the only good reason to invest in a wireless burglar alarm. More savvy criminals that plan out their burglaries will take their time to research a neighbourhood and will watch the activities of its residents to better enable them to target the most vulnerable homes.

This can often mean career criminals sitting in a vehicle and noting down when people leave their homes for work. They will watch to see which houses are vacant for long periods of time during the daytime to give themselves more time to ransack every room of the house safe in the knowledge that the homeowners will not be returning any time soon.

A lot of organised gangs will target more than one property in a busy neighbourhood, and this will result in them doing multiple hits in one day. There are often reports of two or three properties being broken into in one day, and they are usually in the same street or even the same row of houses that neighbour each other. This makes it quick and convenient work for a pair of burglars that have taken the time to case out the area well in advance before their break-ins.

It makes sense to have a home alarm that can be activated while you are asleep to protect you and your family from the threat of a burglar working under the cover of darkness at night to break into your home. However, the number of daylight burglaries are on the increase simply because criminals know they can spend more time seeking out valuable possessions in broad daylight without the risk of their activities being disturbed by the home owner.

A wireless alarm can mean your property is protected while you are away from it, but it will also act as a visual deterrent to any would-be burglar who may be watching your house.

Why choose a Wireless Burglar Alarm?

Wireless burglar alarms have a few good advantages over a hard-wired burglar alarm. Firstly, if you install a hard-wired burglar alarm you will need to have a lot of cabling installed around your home. This can mean drilling holes and fixings into your walls that can damage your home décor. Also, having wiring running around your walls may not look very appealing, and can actually look quite intrusive, harsh and not very homely.

Secondly, if you live in a listed property, you may not be allowed to damage the walls or alter the structure of your home to accommodate a hard wired alarm system.

For those who rent their homes, installing a wireless alarm will be a great idea because they are not only simple and quick to install, but again there will be no damage done to the walls or décor that your landlord may not be too happy about with the hard-wired alternative.