Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software Solution

With Blue Lemon’s advanced and innovative cloud-based Health and Safety software, your staff will be empowered to record and access necessary information and documentation wherever they happen to be, using whichever mobile device they choose.

Being a cloud-based solution, your staff will easily be able to access and manage all of your businesses necessary Health and Safety obligations and requirements.


Blue Lemon software makes it easy to manage all of your Health and Safety certificates from one convenient place, and simple to set up reminders for when certificates are up for renewal. You can upload and store all of your certificates through our Certificates module. You can record the history of your certificates as well as recording your actionable items.

Made up of three sections, the Certificate module offers you a summary section where you can see and overview of which certificates need attention. You can view individual certificates defined by category, and you can add new certificates and edit your certificates and categories to better define them.

You can also use Blue Lemon software to easily manage the following Health and Safety requirements:

  • Staff training
  • Equipment checks
  • Risk assessments
  • Accident reporting & investigations
  • Documents

Blue Lemon Health & Safety have developed their software solution over 3 years of constant consultation with health & safety professionals to provide you with a service that makes meeting all of you health and safety and compliance requirements much easier.