How your Company can Benefit from Health and Safety Software in the Cloud

Managing your health and safety compliance is no easy job. But by using modern technology you can help reduce the amount of legwork that you need to do to stay on top of all of your legal obligations. Using a cloud-based solution is an effective way to maintain all of your company health and safety requirements, as well as having one very useful safe place to record and store all of your necessary documentation.

Because using health and safety software that is based in the cloud, you can save yourself a lot of time and money having to have individual systems put in place for each of your business premises. You will have one central dashboard from which you can manage all of your multi-site health and safety needs, which can save you having to have single people assigned in each location to micromanage your different premises.

Simplifying Governance

It can be a difficult task to keep on top of a paper-based system that manages all the important dates, needed actions and staff training monitoring. Your health and safety software makes it easy to keep on top of your governance issues.

Keeping track of safety training

Managing your staff and keeping up to date records of all their individual health and safety training can be a mammoth task. You can use your H&S software to keep track of training needs for different roles and ensuring that new staff filling these posts receive the appropriate training they need.

This takes away the guesswork about whether all of your staff members are up to date with their health and safety training, and you will know instantly where training needs to be refreshed or renewed.

Online support

Many business owners can be worried that by implementing new software, their staff will need to take a long time away from their job to learn the new system. What used to happen in many cases is that a representative would visit each of your premises to conduct training sessions. However, with cloud-based systems, you actually have a very accessible way for your staff to learn new systems with plenty of online support to allow them to learn the system without needing to take any downtime that could harm your productivity.

Save money

A lot of decisions about new software often comes down to cost. It is important to remember that buying individual software programmes for each of your business premises to operate offline can be very costly, especially if you have a large number of premises. However, buying a cloud-based system will mean that you will only need to buy one software solution to cover your whole company, regardless of how many premises you need to cover.

The benefits of using a cloud-based health and safety software solution will far outweigh your initial expense, and will carry on working into the future with important updates included in your purchase price.