Are you Moving your Health and Safety Procedures from Paper to Software?

It is staggering to know that many thousands of businesses, both large and small, are still running a paper-based Health & Safety programme for their company. Even in this day and age of cloud-computing and automated management systems, there are many business owners who are either reluctant to go fully digital, or simply lack the time or knowledge about making the switch.

If you have been weighing up the benefits of moving your company Health & Safety management system from a paper-based system, then you should consider these reasons why it would be a great idea to ditch the paperwork headache.

Cut down on your paper mountain

With paper-based Health & Safety systems, there is so much paperwork to complete that just one minor incident can create a whole mountain of paperwork that needs to be physically passed around and read, shared by others and eventually signed off and filed away in a deep, dark filing cabinet somewhere.

When you need to retrieve essential information from these documents at a later date, for compiling health and safety statistics or to spot any trends appearing, it can be a nightmare having to sort through file after file by hand to find what you are looking for.

The amount of paperwork generated for every single risk assessment, incident report, action reporting, inspections and auditing can be rediculous!

Save time, energy and money

Once of the biggest drains about maintaining a paper-based H&S system is that a lot of the work done will be duplicated. When conducting a site inspection for example, you may need to sort through many files to locate important information, photocopy it to create a new file, then create another report from that information that will need to be compiled on an excel file or in a Word document.

So much time and effort is wasted in these processes that it costs your company time and money to perform – yet it is a necessary part of your H&S obligations.

Instead, having a Health & Safety software solution in place will mean that all original data will be entered onto a centralised and shared system as the incidents or actions occur. Further into the future when you need to do a routine H&S check or inspection, it will simply be a matter of using the software to instantly bring up all the necessary information needed for your check, and the software can also be used to provide data about trends and potential new risks arising that will need looking at.

Prevention is better than cure

Cutting-edge health and safety software solutions can help your Health & Safety officers and staff to create a strong culture of safety within the workplace by analysing data collected within the software and help to prevent workplace incidents and accidents from happening. With a paper-based system, accident risks and trends can go completely unnoticed, until it’s too late.

Wouldn’t you rather relax in the knowledge that you are keeping your employees as safe as possible in the workplace through the use of a high quality H&S software management system?