About SMSTS Training Course – Site Manager Safety Training Scheme (CITB)

Site Safety Plus courses are for project managers, site managers and supervisors, business owners and clients who all need to gain an understanding of health, safety, welfare and environmental issues on working construction sites.

Once certified, the certificate is valid for 5 years, and you will need to take the SMSTS refresher course before your certificate expires. Grants are available to cover course costs  for eligible employers.

Why is SMSTS training important?

Site management safety training and other related construction safety courses are of great importance to anyone working in this field. The training courses go towards ensuring that key staff get specific health and safety training and knowledge relating to the construction industry.

These specialised courses are offered by a wide number of professional organisations, such as  the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS). The course itself is targeted at site managers and site supervisors as well as those who may stand in or cover for anyone in a supervisory role on a construction site. The training helps staff to better understand their roles and responsibilities to their employees in a legal, social and moral context.

The course content is delivered in sections to help teach site managers and construction company owners to better manage their health and safety conditions on the construction site and to meet with all current health and safety legislation.

The SMSTS course is usually conducted over a number of days during which, the course candidates will take part in learning and core exercises that are laid out within the course curriculum. On successful completion of the course, there is a final examination. Candidates who pass the course will be awarded with an SMSTS certificate.

What does the course cover?

The course covers such topics as occupational health hazards, the latest safety regulations, practical site safety training, first aid training, environmental safety and food safety etc. Those who successfully pass the training course should also make sure they attend a two day refresher course to ensure the continued validity of their certificate because otherwise it will expire after five years.

The two-day refresher course enables qualified participants to update their knowledge about current health and safety laws and practices and also learn any new techniques of site management safety that may be been recently brought in.

The SMSTS along with the CITB construction skills site safety training was created to not only train construction site managers, but also any other staff members who are personally responsible for any construction site management activities. This can include people visiting the site to work temporarily such as plumbers, electricians, building maintenance staff etc.

Any employee of a construction company is eligible to join this course irrespective of whether he or she has done such a course previously or not.


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